about us

Company Name Tama Home (Cambodia) Ltd.
Address #09, Street 242, Sangkat Chaktmuk, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel +855-(0)23-992-560
Established November 21st, 2013
*Tama Home (Cambodia) Ltd. is a group company of Tama Home Co., Ltd., which is well known as one of the biggest house builders in Japan.
What we do We specialize in a real estate development and property management services. We have currently two projects based in Phnom Penh. Those projects are intended to deliver accommodations that are for short, middle and long-term stayers to make their stay better and more interesting. The first project, a serviced apartment (TAMASA) for long/middle time stayers, was constructed and opened in the end of 2013. The second project, a hotel (Tama Hotel Phnom Penh Tower) for short stay travelers , was constructed and opened in June 2014. The hotel won the hotel category at the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors in 2014.
Who we are We are a group of people who have passion to create new ideas and make it real. We are also endeavoring to offer satisfactory customer service.
Service Property leasing (TAMASA)
Property Management (TAMASA, Tama Hotel)
Mission To create and provide accommodations where people can live/stay comfortably and safely.
To support livelihood of residence officers.
To invent a new lifestyle to people who live in Cambodia.
To deliver high quality service.
Vision Not only to construct and operate accommodations but also to create things that could lead to the urban development with our projects.
To contribute to the society by doing what we do best.
Core value A commitment to doing good for the society.
Think differently to be creative.