TamaHotel Phnom Penh Tower

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TV, Internal phone, Refrigerator*, Safe*, hair dryer*, Electric kettle*, Free Wi-Fi,

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body gel, Soap, Toothbrush set, Comb, Shaving kit,

Towel, Bath towel and Slippers. *For limited rooms only

Compact Rooms

Lodge-like room with a loft

Compact, yet functional. You see the little space… Then you see a pretty big idea behind it.
Stay extraordinary.

Size: 5.13m²
Cap. : 1 person
Price: $25~
# of room: 12 units

Standard Rooms

Maybe it is more than standard

When climbing up the little wooden stairs,
there are a cozy space and stunning night view for yourself.

Size: 12.47m²
Cap. : 1 person
Price: $48~
# of room: 3 units

Standard Plus Rooms

+α to your stay

A little bigger than the standard rooms.
There is a cozy space, a stunning view and an exciting night above the little stairs.

Size: 15.65~18.50m²
Cap. : 1-2 persons
Price: $53~
# of room: 2 units

Superior Rooms

Your world starts here

It is just like a bigger size of a study.
If you would have ever found yourself wanting a nice place to work and relax, maybe this is it. But maybe also, your world can start here with your precious thing.

Size: 16.10m²
Cap. : 1-2 persons
Price: $60~
# of room: 7 units

Deluxe Rooms

Big and Smallz

A big room with small details in the design.
What you see from the big windows is not only the attractive night view of the city, but also yourself who’s standing in the room with pride. Stay sexy.

Size: 24.21~24.90m²
Cap. : 1-2 persons
Price: $80~
# of room: 2 units

*Above prices do not include Accommodation Tax 2% + VAT 10%